Missile Rack


Damage TypeWeapon Type
GoodNot Good
Damage against hulls…which tend to be vulnerable to explosive damage.Aiming is difficult.
Crippling external modules, including drives. Projectiles are relatively slow and don’t conserve momentum with your ship.
Some useful experimental effects.Low ammo on the smaller size versions. 
Single missiles are easily negated by point defense. 

Size Notes

Larger missile racks have higher capacity, but the damage per missile is identical.


Containment Missile

“Grom Bomb”

Causes target FSD to reboot for 17 seconds. 
29 second cooldown of effect. 
Less damage, lower rate of fire

Advanced Missile Rack

Has the ability to use synthesized AX missiles as well as normal missiles. 
Benefit for PvE is a much larger ammo pool compared with regular dumbfires. 


High CapacityFixes the low ammo problem. 
Lightweight If you want missiles on your mass sensitive ship. 
Rapid Fire Lets you get damage on target faster. 
SturdyLowers the heat and lets you do full damage against all ships’ hulls. 

Experimental Effects

Double BracedThere are better ways to protect your modules.
Emissive MunitionsBlocks the sensor dropoff effect of heat sinks and low heat. The thermal load increase is noticeable. 
Flow ControlFrees up a tiny bit of energy, but there are better ways to do that.
FSD InterruptMakes your target’s Frameshift Drive reboot, preventing an easy escape. 
Multi-ServosFiring a tiny bit faster is not that great a bonus. 
Overload MunitionsChanges half of your damage to thermal to make the missiles better against shields. Not as good as it sounds. 
OversizedOne of the only ways to increase the actual damage of a missile. If you don’t care about the other experimentals, feel free to use this. 
Penetrator MunitionsGives missiles the ability to hit modules that are considered “internal” or below the level of the hull. Shoot for power plants!
Stripped DownFrees up a tiny bit of mass, but there are better ways to do that.
Thermal CascadeSimilar to Thermal Shock, but only on hits against shields…which missiles aren’t good at damaging.