Pulse Laser


Damage TypeWeapon Type
GoodNot Good
Steady damage with low distributor drawLow damage per shot. 
Battles of attrition. Builds that can only hit a little at a time.
Effects that need many hits over time.Laser falloff starts at 600m.
They work pretty well unengineered. 

Size Notes

Size notes:Smaller pulses fire faster. Good utility weapon.
Larger pulses fire slower. Moderate damage with low power draw.


Pulse Disruptor Chance to cause a malfunction in the targeted module. 
Large size
More power, more distributor draw, more heat, less damage


EfficientFire forever. Makes an already light energy cost weapon even cheaper.
FocusedBetter hull damage against larger ships, plus some range.
LightweightA cheap weapon for weight sensitive ships.
Long RangeSteady DPS from range with no falloff. 
OverchargedGives the laser more damage at the cost of higher draw. Then again, there are other weapons that are better at doing more damage. 
Rapid FireMany hits per second with a bit of jitter. Good for experimentals that need more hits to activate, and gives a nice damage boost for pulses. 
Short RangeBetter damage at the cost of heat and range. Lasers have strict falloff.

Experimental Effects

Concordant SequenceA single one can help regenerate wingmates’s shields when not in combat. Doesn’t work under fire.
Double BracedNot that useful. Better to use module reinforcements.
Emissive MunitionsBlocks the sensor dropoff effect of heat sinks and low heat. The thermal load increase is very small on a pulse.
Flow ControlIf you need a small amount of power elsewhere.
Multi-ServosOversized is better.
OversizedIf you have nothing else better to pick, a little extra damage is fine.
Phasing SequenceDoes 10% of your damage as absolute damage to the hull when you strike shields. You’ll need several lasers firing at once to get an appreciable effect.
Scramble SpectrumChance to trigger a malfunction on a random module on a hull hit, and pulses are good at giving lots of hits.
Stripped DownIf you need a tiny amount of mass elsewhere, but there are better modules than weapons to save mass unless your ship is very mass sensitive.
Thermal ShockYou need as many hits as possible, so pairs well with Rapid Fire.